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Prince Harry and Meghan issue legal warning to photographers

Lawyers accused photographers in Canada of hiding in bushes to take photos of Meghan

Members of the news media wait close to the property where the couple are residing. 
Members of the news media wait close to the property where the couple are residing. 

Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan started life in Canada by issuing a legal warning to the media after photos were published of her with son Archie.

Lawyers claimed the images of Meghan walking her dogs were taken by photographers hiding in bushes and spying on the American former television actress. They said she did not consent to the images.

The BBC reported that the couple were prepared to take legal action. The lawyers said there had been attempts to photograph inside their new home using long lenses, and that paparazzi are camped outside the property.

The couple, who married in May 2018, admitted last year that they were struggling with media scrutiny and have regularly hit out at the press in statements and in the courts.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have temporarily set up base at a wooded home in Vancouver Island having spent six weeks there over Christmas with their baby son Archie.

Their bombshell announcement on January 8 that they wished to step back from their royal duties rocked the monarchy.

Prince Harry said on Sunday that they did not want to quit their royal duties but reluctantly accepted there was "no other option" if they wanted to cut loose from public funding and seek their own income in pursuit of a more independent life.

They can no longer represent Prince Harry’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II or be referred to as their royal highnesses, and must repay taxpayers' money spent on their UK home.

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