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Why is rain unsafe for schoolchildren?

A reader says schools would have done better not to send children home when it was raining heavily. Other letter topics include: ablution facilities, competition, Indian visa, gold.

A reader says it was unwise for schools to ask parents to drive their children home in bad weather. Sammy Dallal / The National
A reader says it was unwise for schools to ask parents to drive their children home in bad weather. Sammy Dallal / The National

I have to say I am a bit bemused by the decision to close schools due to heavy rainfall (Schools closed early after heavy rains lash the UAE, November 21).

Why are children at risk at school just because it is raining? Surely it is more risky for parents to collect their children and drive them home when the weather is bad. If they had gone home at their normal time, it would have been safer, because by that time the weather was actually a bit calmer.

On another note, the report UAE weather: Traffic chaos as strong winds and rain lash the Emirates (November 21) suggested that “heavy downpours caused several accidents…” I don’t think so. Rather, it is careless driving in inclement weather that causes accidents.

Neil Roberts, Abu Dhabi

Time to address the issue of drug abuse in the UAE

I refer to the news report (Children illegally using prescription drugs in UAE, November 20).

This phenomenon is worrying, because prescription-drug abuse is more difficult to tackle than conventional-drug abuse, where police and the community can be more vigilant and keep an eye on the elements that inject those substances into the youth of a country.

Drug abuse is not unique to this country or region. But what is problematic is that there is little discussion at the parental or community levels about the effects and consequences of drugs, which is considered to be a taboo subject. Unless this issue is adequately addressed at all levels, the threat is real and big.

P Dominic, Dubai

Competition will benefit customers

I refer to the article UAE mobile phone users can now start provider switch and retain existing number (November 20).

This is a very good move as it will create competition, which will prove to be beneficial for the customer.

Jen Bishop, Dubai

Ablution facilities needed at malls

With the UAE being an Islamic country and with most of the buildings being relatively new, it has always made me wonder as to why many of the shopping malls in the cities don’t have knee-level customised sinks where the faithful can perform ablution before performing their daily prayers. People face so much discomfort as they have to put their feet up on sinks that are designed to wash hands and face only.

I think engineers and facility planners should discuss this matter for future projects in this country.

Anoop Ravindran, Abu Dhabi

Has India enacted new visa decision?

The news report India opens up visa on arrival to 40 countries to promote tourism (November 19) mentioned South Africa among the nations whose citizens would get visa on arrival in India. But some of my South African friends were recently sent back from Mumbai airport because they did not have the Indian visa. Has this decision not been implemented yet?

Gauresh Gaurav, Abu Dhabi

Lifting of rent cap cause for concern

I am sad that Abu Dhabi has decided to remove rent caps (Abu Dhabi Executive Council removes rent caps, November 20).

If landlord are allowed to increase rent as much they want, then it will profoundly affect the market, as every landlord will ask for whatever rent they want, forcing many people to vacate their properties as they will be unable to pay those amounts.

Suraj, Abu Dhabi

Gold find in plane is intriguing

I was shocked to read the article Million-dollar stash of gold found in plane’s toilet in eastern India (November 21).

Who could have left gold bars worth more than $1 million (Dh3.6 million) in the toilet of a commercial plane, I wonder.

No one so far has come forward to claim them, nor have the authorities been able to arrest anyone in that regard. We might come to know the real story behind this incident after investigations are carried out.

Meanwhile, the Indian government might be happy to find this much gold in a plane, even though it failed to find a gold stash after carrying out digging in a large area in Uttar Pradesh, based on a Hindu holy man’s dream.

K Ragavan, India