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Where is the justice?

Delays in the war-crimes trial of Ratko Mladic are giving lawyers work but not serving justice, a reader says. Other letter topics include pedestrian overpasses and school uniforms.

A reader says the trial of Ratko Mladic, pictured with his troops in 1996, is being drawn out for too long. AP Photo / STR
A reader says the trial of Ratko Mladic, pictured with his troops in 1996, is being drawn out for too long. AP Photo / STR

Your account of Ratko Mladic's day in court (First tale of horror at Mladic war crimes trial, July 10) reveals, in a subheading, all that is wrong with international tribunals.

"Defence asks for a six-month adjournment", it said.

The victims suffered and died 20 years ago, and now another six months of stalling is proposed. How many more procedural problems will there be?

These tribunals are not really delivering justice. What they do deliver is work for lawyers, and a comfortable if confined retirement for thugs, all at the expense of taxpayers.

Lew Arbour, Dubai

Wild animals need more sanctuaries

I refer to Conservation success creates new danger (July 10). India has destroyed many forests, leading it to put its wild animals in one area.

To overcome the problem, new sanctuaries should br built and the animals shifted there.

K Ragavan, India

Drivers in the dark over headlight use

I drove back into Abu Dhabi on Monday evening, crossing the Mussafah Bridge at 7.22pm.

In the thick traffic, with many drivers changing lanes, I was astonished at how many vehicles were not using headlights. I counted six such cars and small lorries in just a couple of minutes.

It was full-scale twilight by then, and visibility was getting rapidly worse. Driving without lights is truly dangerous.

JR Shakruddhin, Abu Dhabi

School uniforms get top marks

As part of the discussion about "decent" clothing (How do you enforce a law against bad taste in clothing?, July 7), I do wear my non-flattering bikini - but only at the beach.

Uniforms at school are a big thumbs-up in my book. Dressing the children is easy - although doing the laundry is less so.

D Quinn, Dubai

Don't panic over viper warning

Regarding Snake in the grass sparks viper alert (July 10), it's a snake people, not a serial killer.


Bob MacKenzie, Dubai

Sentence doesn't seem to fit crime

Car park killer gets 4 years for kicking woman into fatal coma (July 10) is a disgrace. What kind of person would kick someone repeatedly in the head with "no intention" to kill them?

Would you kick your child in the head repeatedly as a punishment? Or your parents in an argument?

This woman's mother will never see her daughter again; her siblings will never see their sister again. But the offender will be back on the street in four years.

Alicia Salaz, Dubai

Alcohol is no excuse. Four years is not enough. Michelle Parker, Dubai


The measure for murder is not an intention to beat, but an intention to kill. Assuming the standard of proof for criminal cases is beyond any reasonable doubt, it would have been very hard to get a murder conviction.

This explains why the charge was assault, not murder.

Melissa Chan, Dubai

Too many people ignore walkways

I enjoyed the story about pedestrian overpasses, Good looks … and still safety first (July 10). I agree that they are as nice looking as such structures can be.

But I live near one of those new walkways, and while I use it myself, I have to tell you that the one I know, at least, is not actually used very much.

People still dash across the road whenever they feel like it.

Is it the chore of climbing the stairs, or the few extra seconds of time it takes to do so?

I don't know - but until the authorities fix the hole in the median fence, the walkway will continue to be underused.

M Khanaf, Abu Dhabi

Those pedestrian walkways do look good, but if you want people to use them, you'll have to air-condition them.

Alan Robinson, Abu Dhabi

Boxing is not so clever for children

Pulling no punches for peace (July 10) is a heartwarming story of intercultural cooperation in a troubled country, but do they have to use boxing?

For anyone, and especially for children, boxing is very dangerous. Concussions and the risk of concussions are not the way to help young people.

Art Harris, Dubai