x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 25 July 2017

'Walk in modesty and without arrogance'

True Muslims should never commit perjury, indulge in idle chit chat or act arrogantly, according to this week's Friday sermon.

Muslims should not lie, indulge in idle chitchat or act arrogantly, worshippers will be told today.

Lying and perjury are among the greatest of sins because of their dire consequences, says today's sermon, which adds that people who refrain from gossip bring honour on themselves.

"Our Lord has described for us the characteristics of the worshippers of the Merciful; they walk in modesty and dignity, without any arrogance or obnoxiousness, and this humility is the greatest of traits," says the sermon.

A hadith by the Prophet Mohammed says that Allah will raise the status of people who are humble for His sake.

Patience is another virtue, points out the sermon, noting that the Prophet "would be patient with whoever acted ignorant upon him".

Worshippers should take pleasure in praying and obeying the orders of their Lord.

Moreover, adds the sermon, they should be moderate in their spending, taking heed of a Quranic verse urging them to be "neither prodigal nor grudging" as "there is ever a firm station between the two".