Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 22 March 2019

Dubai Uber fares will now fluctuate depending on the time and day

Prices will now be higher on certain days and times, and lower on others

Uber has announced it is changing its fare structure in the UAE. Pawan Singh / The National.
Uber has announced it is changing its fare structure in the UAE. Pawan Singh / The National.

Uber fares have always been subject to change at peak times, but now the ride-sharing app's pricing system will fluctuate as a rule.

Effective immediately, Uber's base fares will now vary, depending on the day of the week and the time of day. It will apply on all UberSELECT and UberVIP trips across the city.

In an email sent to users on Monday, Uber said it would change its per-minute and per-kilometre fare components, as well as the booking fee.

The base fare would now oscillate from Dh5.40 to Dh10.60. The per-kilometre fare would increase, while the per-minute fare would be halved.

The minimum fare would decrease from Dh17 to Dh15. The booking fee will increase by Dh2.

While you might automatically think any new pricing system is going to be bad for your wallets, the new structure could actually make your trips cheaper (if you travel on the right day, at the right time).


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For instance, a trip from Mall of the Emirates to Dubai Marina - a trip that generally takes about 20 minutes to travel 11 km, including a token two minute waiting time - would once have cost you about Dh42.13.

Under the new fare structure, it could cost either Dh41.15, Dh42.45, or Dh46.35, depending on what time and what day you wish to travel.

A spokesperson for Uber said the changes were "part of Uber’s ongoing commitment to remain compliant with local regulations".

"The changes will result in higher fares on some trips, while fares will be lower on other trips.

"Uber remains committed to providing riders across Dubai with a safe, reliable, and affordable transportation at the push of a button,” they said.

Here's a breakdown of the new pricing system:

Current fare structure:

- Static base fare: Dh8

- Distance: Dh1.83 per km

- Time: 50 fils per min

- Waiting charge: 50 fils per min

- Minimum fare: Dh17 (exclusing Dh3 booking fee)

New fare structure:

- Dynamic base fare: Dh5.40/ Dh6.70/ Dh10.60 (varies by day of the week and time of day)

- Distance: Dh2.25 per km

- Time: 25 fils per min

- Waiting charges: 50 fils per min

- Minimum fare: Dh15 (exclusing booking fee of Dh5)

Updated: April 23, 2018 05:32 PM