x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Bright sun blamed for rash of car accidents

Motorists in Abu Dhabi who claimed they were blinded by the sun's rays were responsible for 22 accidents in the past eight months.

ABU DHABI // A pair of good quality sunglasses is among the recommendations from traffic officials aiming to reduce sun-related car crashes.

In the past eight months, motorists claiming they were blinded by the sun's rays were responsible for 22 accidents.

Sunglasses and avoiding non-urgent journeys could help improve the situation, said Col Hussein al Harethi, the director of traffic and patrols in Abu Dhabi Police and the chief executive of Saeed, the private company that handles minor traffic accidents.

He recommended stopping on the side of the road during bad weather conditions when visibility is limited - even in the case of sunshine.

He said that keeping to the speed limit and adding the compulsory top tint to the windscreen are also important.

Even though traffic lights are designed to be visible regardless of weather conditions, motorists should be cautious when approaching traffic lights at sunrise or sunset, said Salem al Saedi, director of Saeed.

He also recommended that motorists who drive frequently in the heat take extra time to rest their eyes before setting out.

"Driving with tired eyes could lead to headaches," he added.