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Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Transport plans to convert more motorists to CNG

Eight more petrol to compressed natural gas conversion workshops will be opened this year by Emirates Transport in a bid to reduce carbon emissions.
A CNG tank is installed in a vehicle at a conversion station in Khalifa City.  DELORES JOHNSON / The National
A CNG tank is installed in a vehicle at a conversion station in Khalifa City. DELORES JOHNSON / The National

Anwar Ahmad

ABU DHABI // In an effort to cut carbon emissions, Emirates Transport has announced plans for workshops to help drivers to convert their cars from petrol or diesel to compressed natural gas (CNG).

Eight workshops are planned, with six in the Northern Emirates and two in Abu Dhabi.

“We are planning to have three or four workshops in Sharjah, two each in Beda Zayed (western region of Abu Dhabi) and Ajman in coordination with Adnoc Distribution,” Mahir Al Sayed Ali, manager at the Abu Dhabi Technical Services Centre of Emirates Transport, said.

Emirates Transport, a federal government entity, also plans to have 25 operational CNG gas stations by the end of the year, Mr Ali said.

CNG reduces harmful emissions by about 70 per cent, and cuts the fuel cost by at least 30 per cent.

The costs to convert a vehicle are Dh7,400, Dh8,000 and Dh9,400 for four, six and eight cylinder vehicles respectively.

The authority started converting vehicles for private customers last year.

Mr Ali said CNG is “100 per cent safe” and saves on maintenance and fuel costs.

There are three sizes of CNG tanks available – 50 litres, 65l and 75l. A 50 litre tank can last about 100 kilometres.

While driving, the vehicles can also switch back to a reserve of petrol if required.

Nepali Kedar Khadka, whose taxi is fitted with a CNG cylinder, said the fuel prices in the UAE are very supportive.

“Of course, there are some monetary benefits as clean gas costs less than petrol,” said Mr Khadka.

At present, there are 16 CNG gas stations in Abu Dhabi, four in Sharjah and two in Al Ain.

Since 2010 the authority has converted 3,350 vehicles including 2,000 taxis to CNG from petrol in Abu Dhabi.

In Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman have total of 150 vehicles have been switched to CNG so far.


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