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Stray Doberman mauls pet dogs to death in Dubai

Two family pets were ripped apart by a feral dog roaming free at night in Jumeirah Village Triangle.

DUBAI // Two family pets were ripped apart by a feral dog roaming free at night in a leafy neighbourhood.

Andrew Stevenson was walking his two dogs, a toy poodle and a miniature pinscher, when they were set upon by a stray Doberman.

"I heard something behind me, I turned around and it was there," he said. "It then just destroyed my two dogs.

"One of them was still breathing so I took him to the vet, but there was no way they were going to survive the attack.

"They were in pieces, I'm surprised there weren't any limbs missing."

The incident took place around 9pm on Monday evening in Jumeirah Village Triangle.

He said the noise awoke his 13-month old daughter and his wife. "They had to witness their two dogs being torn to shreds," he said. "It's difficult to see for anyone, let alone for a child."

He said that a police report had been filed, immediately after the incident on Monday evening, and a municipality report was in the process of being lodged.

The dog is believed to have been owned by a neighbour in the community. However, it's not clear if the dog is still at large.

The incident has terrified the community. "We don't know where it is," said neighbour Stephen Manjai. "I've been keeping my three year-old son in the house because I don't want him to go out and be attacked by this savage dog."

"The dog should be put down, it's a savage animal and a threat to the whole community."