x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Sharing Ramadan's special moments

Wafa Khalfan Burenqain of Sharjah tells why Ramadan is so special to her.

Ramadan is a special month to me because it is holy, involves lots of spiritual purity and family gatherings.

Mosques are busy almost all day and night, which makes the neighbourhood full of life. It is common to see huge tents set up for this month, giving away iftar.

The real feeling of a Ramadan day starts after maghrib prayer when iftar begins and we gather with our family members on one table to break our fast.

Family members rarely share the same meal times for the rest of the year because of our busy lifestyles, but in Ramadan all are ready to share the best moments with the ones they love.

For women, Ramadan is an opportunity to experiment with cooking skills and contribute to iftar or even suhoor.

Working hard in the holy month makes iftar worth it. Being lazy all day and waiting for iftar is not how it should be done, as fasting is a symbol of patience and persistence.

I carry no specific memory of Ramadan because every one is a unique memory on its own.

Something special about Ramadan in Sharjah is seeing many cannons placed in different areas to mark maghrib and iftar.


* Wafa Khalfan Burenqain, from Sharjah, is an independent media consultant.