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Rulers are blessings from Allah, Friday sermon tells worshippers

The existence of a ruler is one of Allah's blessings and a sign of mercy on Earth, and respecting him is a must, says this week's Friday sermon.

Our Rulers are blessings from Allah and signs of His mercy on Earth, this week’s sermon tells us.

“It is part of Allah’s gentleness and good arrangement to legislate that there must be a ruler so the people are not left in chaos in any era,” says the sermon.

It adds that respecting such rulers is essential.

Having a ruler ensures that religion, property, money and human life and honour are protected.

Prophet Mohammed highlighted the importance of a fair leader, saying that one of the closest and most beloved people to Allah on judgment day was a just imam or leader.

A just imam is one of the seven categories of people who will be protected from judgment day’s burning sun and heat under the shadow provided by Allah.

The Quran instructs leaders to rule with justice and be fair to their people: “If ye judge between mankind, that ye judge justly.”

A fair and just leader has been established in the UAE by the achievements of the country’s Rulers and the strength and stability of the union.

A verse from the Quran says: “And hold fast, all of you together, to the cable of Allah, and do not separate.”

Islam calls on people to honour their president because in so doing they support him in his mission to rule the land with fairness and generosity.

The public should also fulfil their roles to accomplish their duties with integrity and responsibility.