x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

New safety measures set for Dubai pet show after poodle mauling

Stringent rules will be introduced at the 2013 event, to be held on February 8 at The Sevens stadium, after a pitbull mauled and killed a poodle at this year's event.

DUBAI // One year after Pluto the toy poodle was killed at the Dubai Pet Show by a pitbull, next year’s event will have stricter safety rules.

Organisers said the changes will make the show “a memorable and safe experience”.

The new regulations include dogs being kept on leashes at all times and an increased presence by veterinarians and inspectors.

“These measures include various means of crowd and pet control, such as the presence of Dubai Municipality veterinarians at all entry points, to ensure that Dubai’s existing regulations for owning dogs are adhered to – specifically the provision of all paperwork, proof of vaccinations and registration details for Dubai residents’ dogs,” organisers said.

“Additional specifications include leashes to be worn at all times and that banned breeds are not permitted on site, in accordance with Dubai law.”

Trip, the pitbull that killed the poodle, was confiscated by municipality officials and kept under observation for 21 days. The animal was then returned to its owner, a 28-year-old Indian expatriate who was fined Dh5,000 over the bloody attack.

The incident led to anger and questions about whether dangerous dogs such as pitbulls should, or could, be kept as family pets.

Nasanin Karimian, owner of the killed toy poodle, said she was still traumatised.

“Not even a day passes when I forget what happened, where my dog was ripped apart in front of me,” she said.

She will not be taking her three other poodles to the show, but plans to make a point from the fringes.

“I will go there and wait outside,” she said. “I will distribute some brochures and tell people what happened to me. I cannot forgive them, they took my dog from me.

“I owe it to him to do this. I put his life at risk by going there.”

The show will be held on February 8 at the Dubai Rugby Sevens stadium.