Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 3 April 2020

Nepali woman named as one of the Abu Dhabi bus crash dead

Thirteen Nepali women hurt in the crash are being treated at three hospitals in the capital

The minibus collided with a lorry on Thursday morning. Courtesy: Abu Dhabi Police
The minibus collided with a lorry on Thursday morning. Courtesy: Abu Dhabi Police

One of the six people who died in a traffic accident in Abu Dhabi on Thursday has been named.

Krishna Kumari Adhikari, from Nepal, was onboard a bus that slammed into the back of a lorry after the lorry driver was cut off by another motorist. Six people died, including the bus driver, and 19 others were injured. All are understood to have been women who worked as cleaners.

Two women from Nepal are yet to be identified

Bhesh Bahadur Karki, Nepal Embassy

Ms Adhikari, 44, was being taken, along with her colleagues, to their work site in Al Shahama.

The accident happened heading out of Abu Dhabi city, on Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Street, opposite Al Raha Beach, at dawn.

It is unclear if Ms Adhikaridied on impact or at one of three hospitals in the emirate, where the injured were taken for treatment.

Bhesh Bahadur Karki, counsellor at The Nepal Embassy in Abu Dhabi, told The National on Friday that 17 of bus passengers were women from Nepal and worked for MBM Group, a company that provides indoor cleaning and housekeeping services for businesses. Calls to MBM have not yet been answered.

"Two women from Nepal are yet to be identified and one women has already been discharged as she had minor injuries," said Mr Karki.

"There are five women being treated at Mafraq Hospital, while five women are admitted at NMC Hospital, and another three women are at Al Rahba Hospital."

Media reports in Nepal said MBM was paying for the injured women's medical costs.

Ms Kumari was from Eastern Nepal. It is not known if she has any family in the UAE.

"We will be contacting her family after getting the details from the company she was employed at," said Mr Karki.

He said the accident was an "unexpected incident", adding "people should be careful or traffic rules and regulations."

Local media reported that the driver, from Pakistan, also died in the accident, which police say was caused by the “reckless behaviour” of a motorist in a white sedan, who slowed in front of a lorry to take an exit.

A second lorry was travelling close behind to the first and stopped in time to avoid a collision. The bus was unable to stop and crashed into the back of the second lorry, killing half a dozen on board.

The fatal crash prompted public outcry at the behaviour of the white sedan driver, with social media users calling for the motorist to be punished. Meanwhile, messages of sympathy have also been shared online.

Sabia Afzar commented on The National's Facebook page: "What an absolutely horrific accident. Precious lives lost in seconds. So very sad. I hope now, drivers think twice before cutting in front of another vehicle."

Patricia-Michael Feneley Le Gall wrote: "Feeling so upset about it. My maid lost two of her “sisters” and she is devastated. Let’s pray for them."

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