x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Man who kidnapped boy in rape attempt jailed

One of the two men accused of kidnapping a boy and luring him to a building site to rape him has been sentence to jail.

Dubai // A man was jailed for three months yesterday for kidnapping a boy with the intention of raping him.

But his plan went wrong when, after taking the boy to a church that was under construction, he noticed workers nearby.

The Dubai Criminal Court was told that, H E, 19, from Sudan, was joined by another man, H M, 18, also from Sudan.

They kidnapped the boy from a football club but after aborting the rape plan they dropped the boy back at the club after he fooled them into thinking he would have sex with them if they let him play his football match.

During the match, on February 7 this year, the boy’s coach noticed he was behaving strangely.

“The coach called me and said that the boy was tense, frightened, confused and was stopping in the middle of the game to look around,” said J A, a management member at the club.

The coach took the boy aside and spoke to him and the boy said he was being chased and pointed to the two men, who were in the stadium.

Police then arrested them both. During police interrogations the older man said he was watching the game because he knew the boy’s brother and that he offered the boy a lift to brighten his mood.

In court, H E denied kidnap while H M denied aiding and abetting. H E was sentenced to three months in jail while H M was acquitted.