Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 18 June 2019

Man who hailed Satan while cutting himself at Dubai airport is jailed

The man had been drinking and told the court he could not remember what he said

A Jordanian man who tried to cut parts of his body with a knife while praising Satan and cursing God publicly, will spend three months in jail.

The man denied blasphemy charges when he appeared at Dubai Criminal Court last month and said he was very drunk and could not remember what he said.

The 28-year-old was taken into custody at Dubai Airport Police Station on July 3 where he was waiting for a flight to return to his country after visiting the UAE.

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Records show that as they approached the station, the man turned violent and began slashing himself with a blade he was hiding in his wallet. The paramedics were called and, with the help of the police, were able to calm the “uncooperative” man and treat his injuries.

“Once the paramedics finished, he became enraged for no clear reasons and started hailing Satan and cursing God,” said prosecutors.

A police officer, 36, said the man lost his temper when they offered to send him to hospital and then became “furious, aggressive and started hailing the devil.”

The man told the prosecution he had been drinking when in Ajman and will be referred to courts in the emirate to face charges of consuming alcohol without a license.

As for attempting suicide, the defendant was not faced with the charge as a medical report indicated his injuries were not fatal nor were they meant to end his life.

He was convicted and sentenced to three months in jail and fined Dh5,000. He will be deported after serving his jail term.

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