Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 25 June 2019

Man jailed for stabbing brother in head during row over a memory card

A man has been jailed for killing his brother in a row over a camera memory card, Ajman Criminal Court heard.

Records show that on February 22 last year, the 25-year-old accused arrived at his home at around 2am and was looking for a memory card for his camera. When he couldn't find it, he woke his mother up to ask her about it.

The Bangladeshi told prosecutors: “She said she didn't know where it was, but I had it in one of the drawers in my room and when I looked for it I couldn't find it. Then she said she found a small black object and threw it away thinking it was rubbish.”

He became angry and started screaming at his mother, 40. A few minutes later, his brother, now deceased, woke up to the shouting.

“He told me he would buy me a new one and that its not worth me screaming in my mother’s face. Then we started arguing and fighting. I lost myself and grabbed large scissors and stabbed him in the side of his head,” said the defendant.

The family rushed the stabbed brother to Khalifa Hospital, asking staff not to inform the authorities of the truth.

The mother and her daughter then returned home, cleaned their house of blood, discarded the murder weapon and broke down the bathroom door to make the incident look like an accident.

Two days later, the victim died in hospital due to severe bleeding and skull fractures.

The mother was then questioned by police and admitted to hiding the truth because she didn't want to lose both her sons. She and the rest of her family provided a notarised waver to court in which they dropped charges against her accused son.

The defendant was convicted of premeditated murder but was sentenced to only one year in prison after his family dropped the charges. He will be deported after serving his sentence.

Updated: May 14, 2018 03:59 PM