x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Man ‘blew up Dubai flat as he cut into gas cylinders to remove drugs’

Iranian man smuggled 50kg of methamphetamines into the country in gas tanks through Sharjah Port, the court heard.

DUBAI // An Iranian man caused a huge explosion in a Dubai flat as he tried to remove the narcotics he had smuggled into the country in gas cylinders, a court has heard.

S H, 50, was cutting into the tanks to take out 50 kilograms of methamphetamines when a spark from the electric saw ignited the gas, the Criminal Court was told.

The explosion caused serious damage to the apartment in Naif. The suspect fled the scene but was later arrested by police.

He was charged with smuggling the drugs and damaging property that belonged to an Emirati woman, M K.

Records showed he rented the flat in June last year.

Emirati policeman K K, 26, testified the anti-narcotics unit had been tipped off about the Iranian’s activities.

The officer said he admitted to smuggling the drugs when he was arrested but claimed another man, referred to as S, had rented the flat.

“He told me that another man had rented the flat and on the day of the explosion, the man identified as S came to the flat and saw him cutting through the cylinders,” said the policeman.

“He also told me that S asked him about his reasons for cutting the cylinders but he did not tell him what was inside them, and only said he received the cylinders at Sharjah Port.

“S left him alone then returned to take his phone which he forgot inside the flat, at that moment, the explosion happened due to the sparks from the cutting device.”

The defendant denied charges in court on Thursday. The next hearing is scheduled for March 17.