Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 18 June 2019

UAE Friday sermon: the blessings of sight

Mosque-goers will be told to thank God for the gift of sight and to use it the way He intended

The gift of sight is one all who can see should be grateful for. Through sight, Muslims can see the blessings bestowed upon them by God, the sermon will say on Friday.

The ways of showing thankfulness to Allah for the favour of vision are many. One way is by using sight in the righteous way God ordered Muslims to. He says "say, 'Observe what is in the heavens and earth.'" (Yunus: 101). This means, perceive the signs that reflect Allah's greatness. He says, "then do they not look at the camels — how they are created?" (Al-Ghashiya: 17). Prophet Mohammed set an example for Muslims to follow — he would be motivated by all the things he saw to contemplate God’s abilities.

The Prophet would start his day remembering God and would thank Him throughout his day. When he would see something he liked, he would say “Praise is due to Allah by Whose grace good deeds are completed." And if he saw something he disliked, he would say, "Praise is due to Allah in all circumstances." Muslims are therefore advised to thank God whenever they see they have been blessed but also upon seeing someone who has been afflicted. A Muslim should also thank God on behalf of another who has been blessed.

The Prophet said "If any of you sees something that he likes in his brother, himself or his wealth, he should bless it." In return, an angel will respond to one's supplication and pray for them with similar one.

As important as it is to see all that is good, one must also avoid looking at the bad by lowering their gaze.

The Quran says "tell the believing men to reduce [some] of their vision." (An-Noor: 30). By lowering one's gazes, the believer will be mindful of Allah and understand that he is accountable for all his senses and how he uses them. God says, "indeed, the hearing, the sight and the heart — about all those [one] will be questioned." (Al-Israa: 36).

The sins associated with the eyes are washed away when a Muslim performs ablution before praying. Prophet Mohammed said "When a Muslim, or believer, performs ablution, washing his face, every evil that he looked at with his eyes leaves with the water — or with the last drop of water." All worshippers are therefore urged to keep such a blessing pure and make their vision a gateway to attain the satisfaction of God and be admitted to His Paradise.

Updated: May 3, 2018 04:47 PM