x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Filmmakers have a new site to share their work

A second UAE group has formed to promote local filmmaking on all levels on the file-sharing site Vimeo.

DUBAI // A second online platform for movie enthusiasts has been launched in the UAE - one its creator hopes can help launch an awards scheme to recognise the country's top creative talent.

The Emirati director and editor Hassan Kiyany recently set up a group called UAE Film on the Vimeo video-sharing website, where people could post their work.

Now a second Vimeo group has been launched by Saad Rabia, a Bahraini who was born in Abu Dhabi.

His group is called the UAE Motion Picture Association.

"Film - meaning scripted features or shorts - is always separate, either you find a group of people doing film, or a group doing, say, animation," he said. "There's no one entity that's doing everything together.

"Most of the interesting work around here involves short clips by people who are really talented who are doing a mixture of work - sometime it's stop motion animation, sometimes it's 3D, or a mix of both."

Mr Rabia said they may have awards in the future.

"Jurors would watch the movies and give prizes for the best script, best camera work, best production. We would have motion picture awards for the UAE that would recognise good work, not just film."