x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Dubai VIP racks up Dh9.4m in traffic fines with 12,740 offences

The 'high-profile' driver topped a list of 33 VIP traffic offenders who between them owe more than Dh14.3m for 21,148 violations committed over the same time period.

A driver who committed 12,740 traffic offences in the past 18 months owes almost Dh9.4 million in fines.

The driver, said to own many vehicles including some with expired registrations, topped a list of 33 high-profile traffic offenders who owe more than Dh14m for 21,148 offences.

The second driver on the list – compiled by Dubai Police and published by Al Ittihad, The National’s Arabic-language sister paper – owes Dh1.2m in fines for 1,826 offences, the third owes Dh731,900 for 1,022 fines and the fourth Dh399,800 for 548 fines.

None of the people has been named, but they were all said to be “high-profile” and included figures from government institutions, public bodies and car-hire agencies.

“Absolutely no one is waived their fines, the chief of Dubai Police included, unless there is a substantiated objection,” Maj Gen Mohammed Al Zafeen, head of Dubai traffic, told Al Ittihad.

“Whoever refuses to pay off their fines will have their vehicle seized and all their traffic-related transactions stopped.”

The most prolific offender among government bodies ran up Dh1.4m in fines after its vehicles committed 2,122 offences.

Maj Gen Al Zafeen said undercover patrols would stop vehicles with registrations more than three months out of date.