x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Dh2,000 ransom sought in two women's kidnapping, court hears

Two men kidnapped two women and demanded a Dh2,000 ransom from their sponsor, prosecutors said.

DUBAI // Two men kidnapped two women and robbed them after demanding a Dh2,000 ransom from their visa sponsor, a Dubai court heard this morning.

The men denied the charges before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

Prosecutors said the defendants EA, 32, and MB, 35, both Egyptians, approached the two women as they were walking in the Naif area at around 8pm one night in September of last year, and the men posed as police officers.

They asked for the women's IDs and told them they had to go with them to the police station because they were violating residency regulations by staying in the country for too long, prosecutors said.

The men allegedly transported the two victims in a Nissan Sunny car, and locked them up in a studio flat.

The Ugandan victim WN, 20, and PO, 26, from Nigeria, told prosecutors that when they arrived at the flat, the defendants threatened to kill them while carrying cleavers and knives. Then, they called the women's sponsor and asked her for a Dh2,000 ransom to let them go, prosecutors said. The sponsor did not pay the ransom.

However, two hours later, the men let the victims go after stealing their two mobile phones and Dh50 from their bags, prosecutors said.

The women filed a report at the Naif police station. Police searched the flat and arrested the men.

The next hearing will be on May 11 to appoint a defense lawyer.