x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Two men will spend five years in prison for rape

Appeal Court uphold sentence for assault of 17-year-old student.

DUBAI // A police corporal and a broadcast technician will serve five years in prison for raping a 17-year-old boy, the Dubai Court of Appeal affirmed this morning.

The Emiratis FA, 25, and RS, 25, were also convicted of kidnapping, assaulting and threatening the student.

The victim met them at Royal House billiards club on January 26, 2010, invited by RS for a game of billiards and dinner to celebrate the end of his exams.

The victim testified that at the club, RS introduced him to FA. The men told him they needed to go to RS' house to pick up some car spare parts, but when they arrived, they locked the victim in RS' room. RS threatened him, then both men raped him.

He said they threatened to smash his face, disfigure him and beat him up if he refused to submit. The victim testified that they also threatened to burn his family so badly he could not identify them if he reported the rape to police.

The boy later told his mother, who called the police.

FA and RS both had previous convictions for sexual assaults.