x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 24 July 2017

Tonne of spoilt goat meat intercepted in Dubai

Food found and destroyed in shipment into airport, officials said.

DUBAI // Dubai Customs and Dubai Municipality confiscated a tonne of spoilt meat heading into the country last week, officials announced today.

The shipment, which originated from an African country, which found unsuitable for human consumption when tested.

"Customs inspectors at Dubai International Airport Free Zone Inspection Center, whilst checking a shipment of meat, suspected of its suitability with a pervasive smell emitting therefrom," said Omer Al Mehairi, senior manager of air cargo operations at Dubai Customs.

"The shipment was referred to the Food Control Office ... and upon testing a sample of the shipment, which weighed 1000kg containing 147 carcasses of goat meat, it was reported to be fully spoilt and unsuitable for human consumption," he added.

The shipment was then destroyed.

The incident comes as Muslims in the UAE are preparing for Ramadan, and huge quantities of food are being imported, Dubai Customs said.