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Sacked Fairmont Hotel waitress jailed for suicide attempt, defacing cars

A sacked waitress who slashed her wrists before using the same razor to deface cars parked at the hotel she used to work at will spend two months in jail.

DUBAI // A waitress who slashed her wrists before using the same razor to scratch cars at the hotel that sacked her was today sentenced to two months in jail.

FS, 30, from Belarus lost her job at the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai in August 2011 and became desperate after her attempts to convince her bosses to take her back failed.

The Dubai Misdemeanours Court was told that at dawn on January 4 witnesses saw the waitress entering the hotel bleeding from the neck and wrists. Prosecutors said the waitress was looking for a hotel employee, but when she was unsuccessful, she took out a razor blade and proceeded to scratch two vehicles in the car park - a four-wheel drive BMW and a black Hummer. She assumed the vehicles belonged to the hotel, but they actually belonged to two people staying there.

"I saw her damaging the cars and when I tried to stop her she ran away," said the hotel's security guard AK, a 26-year-old from India.

The razor blade was the same one the waitress used to injure herself. "I bought it from the supermarket for this purpose," she told investigating officers.

The waitress then walked back to her own car and drove off. Soon afterwards, she was involved in an accident.

Police rushed her to Rashid Hospital where her wounds were treated and the bleeding stopped.

Owners of the damaged vehicles said they had not witnessed the incident. "I was contacted by the hotel's management and informed about the incident," said ZR, the owner of the BMW.

The waitress was charged with attempting suicide and damaging other's property. She pleaded guilty to both and received a month's imprisonment for each charge to be followed by deportation.