x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Eye doctor botched care after laser surgery, Dubai court hears

Dubai doctor is accused of forging a patient's medical file after failing to prescribe the correct medication following a laser operation.

DUBAI // An eye doctor altered a woman’s medical report after laser surgery because he forgot to prescribe medicine, a court was told today.

When the patient complained the operation had not worked, the Indian ophthalmology consultant S?M, 48, doctored her file to pretend he had prescribed the medicine, the Misdemeanours Court heard.

The Moroccan accountant S?N, 32, went to Al Zahra Hospital on December 7, 2005, for the surgery.

After experiencing complications she went to other specialists who told her she should have been prescribed mitomycin C while she recovered from the operation.

She complained to the doctor and filed a civil case against him. In 2007 she was awarded Dh100,000 compensation.

Prosecutors noted the ink the doctor used to write the prescription was a different colour to the rest of the entry in the woman’s file.

“I may have used a different pen but I did write the prescription on the day of the procedure,” he said.

He denied a charge of forgery. The next hearing was scheduled for Thursday next week.