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Cat with marks carved on its body is latest case of cruelty in Dubai

Some animals are found with their legs cut off or have been shot with arrows, an animal welfare worker says.
The cat which recently suffered cuts around its neck and arrows carved on its back. Courtesy Lisa Knight
The cat which recently suffered cuts around its neck and arrows carved on its back. Courtesy Lisa Knight

DUBAI // The torture of abandoned strays continues in Dubai despite tough new laws on animal abuse coming into force this year.

The recent case of a cat suffering cuts around its neck and arrows carved on its back is the latest example to horrify welfare workers in Al Barsha.

Lisa Knight, a volunteer with Middle East Animal Welfare, said she was sickened to find the animal near Coral Boutique Villas, and that it was the latest in a spate of incidents in the area.

“Every week we are seeing cases where either cats are being dumped in parks or basements, or left with their legs cut off or shot with arrows,” she said.

“I have contacted the police and reported this but not had a response to say it is being followed up or investigated in any way. It is frustrating.

“Other welfare volunteers are having similar experiences – and the same difficulty in reporting the incidents.

“I have asked residents at Coral Boutique Villas where the cat was found if we can look at CCTV footage, as there are cameras there, but they have denied us the opportunity. It could help us to identify who was responsible.”

Several cats, thought to be abandoned pets, rescued from that area in the past few weeks need re-homing.

Last year President Sheikh Khalifa issued Federal Law 18 for 2016 to tackle cases of animal cruelty. Anyone in breach faces a one-year jail term and/or a fine not exceeding Dh200,000.

In September, an Emirati teenager was filmed throwing a cat against a wall but was released without charge by Ajman Police. Two months later, a five-month-old cat was found with its ears and tail cut off near Al Wasl.

Three men were ordered to complete three months of community service cleaning out Dubai Zoo in March after they were filmed feeding a cat to their two Rottweiler dogs.

Ms Knight feared the message on animal cruelty was not getting through to people.

Last month, she found the spine and head of a cat in Al Barsha.

“When I found this cat with arrows pointing to a noose around its neck, I wondered if they were connected,” she said.

“This type of behaviour could pass on to people, and it does not seem to be taken seriously.”


Updated: June 2, 2017 04:00 AM