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Sad times for cricket

A reader says unlike Dubai, Abu Dhabi lacks community parks where people can relax and children can play. Other letter topics include: Adec, car park, Norway, cricket, EU.

A reader says the arrest of Sreesanth over his alleged involvement in spot fixing is a sad day for cricket. Prakash Singh / AFP
A reader says the arrest of Sreesanth over his alleged involvement in spot fixing is a sad day for cricket. Prakash Singh / AFP

Abu Dhabi needs more green patches

It is good to know about the facelifts that Dubai markets and Zabeel park are getting (Changing the face of Dubai: 10 major construction projects, May 17).

Dubai and Sharjah have parks in every neighbourhood, where residents can relax and children can play.

Unfortunately, Abu Dhabi lacks such facilities. Although there are quite a few parks in this city, some places such as Musaffah really need some of them.

Ever since we shifted to Musaffah, my eyes yearn for greenery, not to mention parks; there is no park in this place. As a result, children play in car parks and dusty fields.

There are quite a few infrastructure facilities being built in this area, but I doubt whether even one park is going to be built.

During weekends, we have to go to the city to find nice facilities or simply head towards one of the three shopping malls in Musaffah. This place has developed only in terms of buildings. Residents of this area desperately need some green patches.

Sneha Shruti, Abu Dhabi

Adec's demands baffled parents

Most parents fail to understand what effect Adec's sudden requirement will have on schools or pupils (Abu Dhabi schools asking for utility bills baffles parents, May 10).

Amir Nawaz, Dubai

No solution to parking woes?

A reader expressed his frustrations with Mawaqif in his letter, Mawaqif must be more careful while issuing tickets (May 17), after he was wrongly fined for violations.

In most places in the heart of the city, such as Salam Street, Hamdan Street and Khalidiya, finding a parking spot is often difficult and you may end up spending more than one hour to find a spot, especially in the evening and on holidays. Even if you get one, you will have to check if it is reserved for residents.

A couple of months ago, I made the mistake of parking my car in an area meant for residents. I failed to notice the Mawaqif board in one corner of the car park in Hamdan Street. My car was towed away. It is a busy commercial area. Where are we supposed to park our vehicles? On one occasion, I was fined despite having a valid M-Ticket, just like this reader.

After so much time and heaps of complaints, Mawaqif has failed to effectively address the parking issues in Abu Dhabi.

The new paid car parks in many cases bring more problems than solutions.

Cyrus, Abu Dhabi

EU decision on olive oil is trivial

I am commenting on the news article Olive oil decision lubricates wheels of bureaucracy in EU (May 19).

Why does the EU introduce such fatuous regulations and why are politicians being paid taxpayers' money to think them up?

I suppose the next one will be balsamic vinegar, and maybe beverages that are generally sold by the glass or the measure.

The legislation serves only to add to the bureaucratic trivia that is constantly spewed out by Brussels. Don't the politicians and bureaucrats have anything better to do with their time and the taxpayers' money?

I really think that Europeans would prefer some significant redundancies within the EU bureaucracy to make some real savings, instead of introducing legislation that will increase cost and probably cut jobs.

Jeremy Weeks, Abu Dhabi

Norway among best destinations

The best thing about Norway is that it gives you peace and relaxation (Oslo, one of the most relaxing cities on Earth, March 1).

Oslo is one of the best cities in the world to spend quality time with friends and family.

Name withheld by request

Greedy cricketers should be banned

I refer to the sport story The good, bad and the ugly of IPL riches (May 17). It was interesting to read.

However, it's a sad development for Indian cricket. It's surprising that, in spite of receiving lucrative remuneration, these cricketers have to resort to such unscrupulous practices.

This shows how greedy these players are. It's shameful. They should be banned for life.

K Ragavan, India