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Rolling Stones deserve praise for performance

A reader is all praise for the The Rolling Stones' Abu Dhabi performance. Other topics: zebra crossings, India's pharma policy, Emirati workforce, jet-skiers, Rebekah Brooks

A reader is all praise for The Rolling Stones that set Abu Dhabi on Fire on Friday. Neville Hopwood / Getty Images
A reader is all praise for The Rolling Stones that set Abu Dhabi on Fire on Friday. Neville Hopwood / Getty Images

Letters to the Editor

From one group of wrinklies to another, I feel it necessary to say a huge thank you to Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Charlie – the Rolling Stones – for putting on the best concert ever (Rolling Stones show knowledge of UAE as they rock Yas Island arena, February 21).

Top class music performed by top class musicians, definitely a night to remember here in the UAE.

However , the evening was slightly spoilt by the horrendous queues for facilities.

Could the organisers increase the point of sale merchandise booths and lavatory provisions the next time such a crowd pulling band visit Abu Dhabi and the du Arena please? That’s if any other band out there can surpass the “wrinklies”, eh!

Betty, Abu Dhabi

Ignoring the zebra can be dangerous

Over the past five years I have heard of many British tourists being killed on the UAE roads. Many of these accidents had been cause by drivers who disregard zebra crossings.

In the UK, cars must stop and give way to pedestrians at zebra crossings. But I have seldom seen any driver doing that in the UAE. Many British tourists are not aware of this problem and think that cars would stop when they walk over the zebra crossings.

J Smith, Dubai

Pharma policy needs rethinking

The news article India clamps down on clinical drug trials, at a cost (February 20) was an interesting read.

India has introduced restrictions on clinical trials following concerns about the safety of test patients, and it has become a much more complex and lengthy process to secure permission for trials. As a result, many companies were compelled to shift their trial bases abroad.

India has the largest number of pharmaceutical factories approved by the FDA outside of the US. That’s why India needs to rethink its policies over clinical trials.

The country has seen dramatic developments over the years in the pharmaceutical export market. That is all the more reason for it to eliminate this issue as soon as possible.

K Ragavan, India

Put emphasis on professional skills

For years we have been talking about parenting issues: more time for working mother, more family time for men and women, more maternity leave and so. Once again, policymakers have been urged to provide more support for new parents, including greater entitlement to maternity and paternity leave and time off work to care for a sick child (New parents need more support to give children a better start, UAE conference told, February 19).

These are undoubtedly some of the issues that need to be looked at, but equally important is the need to pay attention to the development of professional skills productivity of organisations through employee performance. I think an equal attention is needed on making the Emirati workforce more productive.

It would be nice to hear some serious discussions on strategies to do so. Without striking a balance between the two, the core objective might remain unattained.

Abdel H, Abu Dhabi

Emirates ID can cut transaction risks

I refer to the article Al Hilal leads way on using Emirates ID cards for ATM transactions (February 19). This is a good decision that will increase the utility for the Emirates ID card.

But why only one bank? This facility should be extended to all banks in the country as well as for other purposes. It will also cut the risk of fraudulent and erroneous transactions.

Name withheld by request

Jet-skiers spoilt our holiday fun

We enjoyed our visit to the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi last week. However, staying at the Royal Meridien on the Corniche, we visited the waterfront and got repeatedly splashed by very loud and fast jet-skis that were intentionally being driven close to shore.

The unfortunate events, which occurred last Tuesday, put blame on the city, as there was no law-enforcement officials or policemen in the area.

Name withheld by request

No surprise in Brooks’ acquittal

It is not surprising that Rebekah Brooks was acquitted of the bribery charge for a picture of “Prince William in a bikini” (Brooks cleared of bribery charge, February 21), because I am sure if there was such a picture it would be on the front pages of all UK tabloids therefore not necessitating money through the back door.

Name withheld by request