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There is more to unite than divide Indians and Pakistanis

Our readers have their say on Imran Khan, outdoor play and Iran

Fans watch a cricket match between India and Pakistan during the Asia Cup. Shahzaib Akber / EPA
Fans watch a cricket match between India and Pakistan during the Asia Cup. Shahzaib Akber / EPA

Congratulations on your excellent editorial A glimmer of hope dims in India-Pakistan relations (September 24). It was full of hope and goodwill. As rightly summed up by you, culture, tradition and even cuisine unites Indians and Pakistanis. But politics divides them.

Pakistanis can also be overwhelming in their hospitality and graciousness. And yes, the ongoing cricket matches in Dubai, celebrated by both, also prove how much Indians and Pakistanis adore the sport. Although the two nations compete in the field, there is no acrimony. In Imran Khan, India could have a friend, as he visited India often as the captain of the Pakistani cricket team and has many personal friends in the country. It would help significantly if Pakistan could reign in some of the militants and extremists who do not want peace in the region.

So let us hope that the leaders of the two nations are able to resolve the Kashmir imbroglio so that peace can be sustained and they can commence trade, business and tourism.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Restricting wifi access will rein in gadget obsession

I refer to your article Minister urges parents to ban modern technology and let children play outside (September 25): considering how many parents buy their children iPads and that schools themselves increasingly use tablets and, of course, the scourge of gaming consoles, I highly doubt that parents will take electronics away from their kids. The best advice would be to cut off their wifi access.

Name withheld by request

I love taking my kids bike-riding, swimming, playing on the trampoline or playing in the local playground, but during the summer it is not possible to be a responsible parent and allow your children to play outside. It’s too hot during the day and during the night, children need approximately 12 hours’ sleep. I think technology can be useful, just not as a substitute for parenting. At the time of writing, my husband and our son are playing on the PlayStation and after dinner, when it’s cooler, we will go play on the trampoline. It’s all about moderation and supervision.

Ela Jayne, Abu Dhabi

Prayers for the women and children killed in Iran attack

I write in reference to your article Anti-government group claims deadly attack on military parade in Iran (September 23): The National’s moving article on the attack in Iran that killed innocent women and children was sad to read. The deadly incident was reportedly perpetrated by an Arab separatist group and Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s finger-pointing at the US lacks credibility.

As with all acts of terrorism, this incident is unacceptable. I pray for the innocent people killed in the attack. What a sad state of affairs.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

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