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Nile dam dispute should be solved peacefully by the three countries

Our readers have their say on water rights, leadership in the UAE and the link between coronavirus and wet markets

Fishermen sail across the Nile river in the Sudanese capital Khartoum on June 9.  Ashraf Shazly / AFP
Fishermen sail across the Nile river in the Sudanese capital Khartoum on June 9.  Ashraf Shazly / AFP

Regarding the report Nile dam dispute: Ethiopia insists its plans will not be delayed (June 21): Ethiopia has to build the dam responsibly without damaging life on the Nile. But Ethiopia's sovereign right to build on its soil cannot be infringed.

Ciprian Mancas, Dubai

Egypt's fears are understandable and so are Ethiopia's rights. War should never be an option. The two countries should work with all of Africa to seek a lasting solution instead of fighting over individual projects. The population is growing in the Nile basin. This necessitates building many more dams in the future. The current approach of Egyptians is not sustainable and will not ensure water security for very long.

Legesse Laguna, Abu Dhabi

The three countries, Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan have been negotiating for the past eight years. Throughout this time, various issues have been resolved. Understanding the value of co-operation and transparency, Ethiopia initiated the formation of a panel of experts and allowed other international parties to visit the dam. However Egypt wants to preserve the colonial treaties that gives Egypt veto power over the upstream countries to develop their resources. Ethiopia contributes approximately 86 per cent to the Nile flow. According to The World Bank, about 70 per cent of the population in Ethiopia live without electricity. Only about 42 per cent of people have access to clean water. Women still have to travel long distances carrying firewood to feed their family. Ethiopia has no intention to harm other countries, after all the water continues to flow to Egypt after hitting the turbine. In fact, Ethiopia has a right to use its own water resources so as to transform the life of its people.

Dehab Ebrahim, Abu Dhabi

Stellar leadership behind the thorough testing in Abu Dhabi

With reference to the report Coronavirus: fewer than 1 in 100 tested in Abu Dhabi City have Covid-19 (June 21): this is first rate leadership. The UAE prioritised the welfare of its residents. Not all countries think or function like this.

Kris Jan, Dubai

The link between coronavirus and wet markets

With regard to Simon Rushton's report Coronavirus: Outbreak at German meat processing plant revives fears of reopening economy (June 20): the relationship between coronavirus and meat markets or meat processing plants seems interesting and worthy of research. I don't know if the link between them is just a coincidence – first in Wuhan, then in Beijing and now this.

Saima Anwar, Dubai

Most of these workers come from counties outside Germany. They are hired on contract basis and are housed in close-quarter accommodation that can increase the probability of spreading the virus.

Tobias Klein, Dubai

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