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Travel essentials: theft-proof gadgets

Having your passport or money stolen or your luggage pilfered while travelling is reliably guaranteed to ruin your holiday. Safari and adventure travel companies provide a mix of gadgets and pouches worth investigating.

PacSafe 55. Courtesy of SafariQuip
PacSafe 55. Courtesy of SafariQuip

Pacsafe 55

If you're backpacking, you may want to leave your rucksack at the campsite while you go out for the day. This lightweight stainless steel security mesh from US company Pacsafe is rather ingenious: thrown over your luggage, tightened and attached to something fixed, it makes a surprisingly effective deterrent to pilfering. Costs £59.99 (Dh355), plus £10 (Dh60) p&p (www.safariquick.co.uk; 00 44 1433 622 001).

Eagle Creek underneck wallet delux

Another American item, this nylon neck pouch with an adjustable neck cord has zippered or Velcro-fastening pockets to store your passport, credit card, keys and cash, and lies comfortably rather than scratchily on the skin. Light but strong, it can also be worn around the waist if you're slender. Costs £9.99 (Dh59), plus £5 (Dh30) p&p (www.safariquip.co.uk; 00 44 1433 622 001).

Door guard

This one provides some peace of mind if you're staying in a guesthouse or somewhere without a secure lock on the door. It is just a strip of metal with a lip and a sliding stopper, but slid into a door from the inside, with the stopper pushed in place so it rests against the door, it efficiently stops the door being opened from the outside. £7.99 (Dh47) plus £5 (Dh30) p&p (www.catch22products.co.uk; 00 44 1942 511 820).