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Go Gear: Motorcycle boots

Put your mettle to the pedal in these high-octane boots.

Vega Junior Off-Road boots, $79.95 (Dh293.65), www.motorcycle-superstore.com
Vega Junior Off-Road boots, $79.95 (Dh293.65), www.motorcycle-superstore.com

Start 'em young

If you want to get your kids interested in biking, it is best to do it properly - and that includes making sure they have all the proper safety equipment. These sturdy boots are designed for off-road biking, so they are just the thing for taking your kids on the dunes in safety and style. Made from a tough combination of leather and thermoplastic, the Vega Junior Off-Road boots also come with replaceable buckles, steel toes and padded insoles for added protection of little feet.

Priced at US$79.95 (Dh293.65) from www.motorcycle-superstore.com

The white stuff

Proving that not all motorcycle gear has to be black and brooding, the fashion-conscious biker will stand out at the traffic lights in this fetching pair of white boots made by Alpinestar. Safety is not compromised, and the boots are as rugged as anything that comes in basic black. There is also a tenuous celebrity connection to these boots: Alpinestar is the same company that made the white racing suits favoured by Ben Collins, the driver formerly known as the Stig.

Priced at £230.95 (Dh1,374.80) from www.ghostbikes.com

For a lady in leather

Biking purists are rightly alarmed at Paris Hilton's foray into motorbike racing, complete with embarrassing pink bikes and kit. But for the woman who is actually serious about biking - and still wants to look foxy on her ride - how about these strong and sexy Harley-Davidson boots? They are lined with microfibre for added comfort, and the heel is a not-too-ridiculously-high 9cm. As well as offering protection on a ride, they look great when worn around town.

Priced at US$189.99 (Dh706) from www.bikerleathers.ca