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Go Gear: iPod accessories

Three gadgets to keep your hands free on the road.

The Jelly Sticky Pad.
The Jelly Sticky Pad.

This one sticks like jelly ...

The cheap holder "clings your things", or so says the advertising for the Jelly Sticky Pad. Compatible with all vehicles, including those with painted dashes, the pad comes in a variety of colours to match the interior. No need to clip in the iPod, just drop it on the pad and it will stay there as you drive round corners. Available from www.amazon.com for Dh17.

This one is the cheapest ...

ProClip is tightly attached into the seams of the dashboard, providing a sturdy bracket for your device. The iPod, or other MP3, is fitted into an upright position for easy use. According to the company it will only take two minutes to attach and will not damage your vehicle at all. Available from www.proclipusa.com from Dh106.

… and this one multitasks

With the BTCup you can listen to your iPod, or other MP3 player, through the FM receiver in the vehicle. It also has a built-in Bluetooth for mobile phones, auto-switching between phone and music device when you answer and hang up the call. The BTCup fits into the cup holder and is powered through the cigarette outlet. Available from www.macally.com for Dh364.