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M plays: A Smurf on home turf

With the holidays upon us let your children sample a smorgasbord of summer fun with their favourite blue Belgian characters and a trip to Adventure World.

Our writer, Evie, 5, visits the Smurf Village at Adnec.
Our writer, Evie, 5, visits the Smurf Village at Adnec.

Mummy drove us both to Adnec [Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company], and we found lots of parking very easily, which made her happy. We were very excited. When inside the building, I pressed the "up" button for the lift and my friend Ivy got to press the number. When we walked to the exhibition we saw lots of cut-outs of Smurfs and the character Ben 10, which made us run around and giggle.

The big, big room had all the things you need to have lots and lots of fun. First of all, we went on the big climbing frame, rushing up and down, and then practised on the swings. Papa Smurf arrived at Smurf Village so we went to say hello and hold his hand. The village had two Smurf Mushroom houses and we went inside. In Smurfette's house we met a lady who made bracelets and she helped us make our own. I got a rope and put on rainbow-coloured pasta and the lady tied it for me.

Mummy had a lovely friend who pushed me on the swings in the Smurfs' garden and took our photo. We liked the TV in the other Mushroom house and made a wish throwing coins in the Smurfs' well. There were loads of pens and paper for colouring too and we coloured in pictures to take home to my baby brother and Ivy's baby sister because they are too little to play.

After we finished our pictures we ran to Adventure World, which was very big and had lots of things to run and climb over. To begin with, I didn't want to go on as I didn't think I'd know how to do everything. But there was a nice man who told me there were people to catch me if I fell, so I did it. It was my very favourite thing. I fell on the floor one time, running across a turning tube, but there are soft bricks on the ground to make you safe so I didn't hurt my tummy. Careers was next door so Ivy and I did make-up on model heads. This was Ivy's favourite; she did two and wanted to do more. There was also a place to play with baby dolls and we washed them in the bathtub, changed their nappies and dressed them up like our babies at home. We could have done that again but there was a fashion station where we could decorate our own T-shirts. A friendly lady helped me draw and stick ribbons and sparkles on my T-shirt and we got to keep them!

Mummy then made us go and look at the firetruck and we got to see all the equipment they put in the back, like hoses and breathing masks so the firemen can breathe through smoke. We also put on the uniform and pretended that we were real firemen and wanted to slide down the very tall pole. Next we saw a police car, but had to rush as there was going to be a circus show in the Big Top.

The circus had two clowns and a lady dressed in a silvery, sparkly suit. She could hula-hoop with many, many hoops. One time she had four on her arms but then she had 20 on her tummy! The clowns were funny and did lots of jumps and twists. I wanted to try to do them with my daddy.

We were tired after the show so we went and ate hot dogs and fruit before going home. We want to go back tomorrow as we didn't do all the fun things that were there. There is still a Space Walk, a Fairground and Show World and I really, really want to slide down the firemen's pole.

Evie, 5


Entry rates to Summer in Abu Dhabi at Adnec are Dh20 for children up to 12 years old and Dh40 for adults. Toddlers up to 2 years old enter free. For further details and information including the full list of activities and show timings, go to www.summerinabudhabi.ae