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Simple ways to spruce up your walls

Tips and advice on choosing the best wallpaper.

Aware that it pairs well with just about any colour, wallpaper designers now view blue as the new neutral. Playing with the full spectrum, designers are taking blues a bit richer and deeper, yet diverting the moody blues with shimmery metallic accents and the nuanced depth so emblematic of the colour blue.

Strong stripes and classic lattice do more than make a graphic statement: they set the stage for an assortment of similarly bold shapes, varying textures or even the addition of another complementary wallpaper.

Animal prints can overwhelm, or they can metamorphose a room into a thing of beauty. Depending on their scale and hue, zealous zebra prints can read as aristocratic or adventurous, while always remaining the height of chic.

Whether evoking a soaring high-rise or a constellation in our galaxy, gold is full of stunning surprises. Gold-based patterns glow with a mesmerising subtlety that varies as light falls from different angles to illuminate felt-like layers and metallic inks on silky smooth fabric.

* Tips provided by The Wallcoverings Association