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Home Improvements: WD40 is your secret weapon

WD40 has a multitude of uses beyond the garage. Here are a few of our favourites.

You'll find that unmistakable blue-and-yellow bottle in the toolbox of any self-respecting handyman. But the spray lubricant WD-40 has many uses beyond the garage.

Spray a little on those stickers that come on the bottom of glasses, wait a few seconds, and a simple rub of your finger will take them off cleanly; same to be said for masking tape and other gummy residues on various surfaces.

It will remove crayon on a wall left by young "artists". Spray onto a clean cloth and rub until the crayon is gone. WD-40 will get rid of other marks - scuffs on floors, coffee stains on furniture and felt marker - in the same manner on just about any surface. Just remember to wash floors afterwards; it is a lubricant, after all.

On the patio, rejuvenate a tired BBQ grill top by spraying liberally, waiting a few seconds and scrubbing with a wire brush. Or bring back the shine of your plastic lawn furniture by wiping it with a cloth and WD-40.

Of course, it will lubricate everything and even prevent rust (the WD stands for water displacement). But these tips don't even scratch the surface of what this miracle spray is capable of, and the internet is full of WD-40 tips that will surprise you.


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