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Chinese recipes for you to try at home

Four Chinese recipes for you to try at home.

Steamed Red Snapper. Mona Al-Marzooqi/ The National
Steamed Red Snapper. Mona Al-Marzooqi/ The National

Steam red snapper with light soy sauce by Chef Sonthaya Sinphoothon at Cho Gao


350g red snapper fillet, deboned

30g spring onions, shredded

20g fresh ginger juliennes

5g fresh red chili juliennes

1 tbsp cooking oil

For the sauce

10ml light soy sauce

1 pinch grain sugar

10ml oyster sauce

Salt, to taste

1 pinch white pepper powder

1 tbsp sesame oil

100ml water


Clean the red snapper fillet and marinate with salt, pepper and half the ginger.

Put the fillet on a stainless steel platter or tray skin side down and steam for 7 minutes

In another cooking pot, simmer soy sauce, oyster, salt, pepper and water for 2 minutes. Finish off this sauce with sesame oil.

In a hot wok or pan, add in some oil and follow with juliennes of spring onion, remainder of the ginger and red chilli. Sauté lightly and place on top of the fish.

Gently place the fillet on a serving plate and pour the hot soy sauce and oyster sauce over the fish. Serve hot.

Steamed black cod fish with homemade sauce by Chef Jeff Tan at Shang Palace


600g black cod fish

1 pack enoki mushroom

100g shiitake mushroom

30g ginger

10 pcs red dates

50g dark soy sauce

100g light soy sauce

2 tbsp sugar

50g oyster sauce

50ml sesame oil

50g seasoning

50g cooking oil

30g spring onion

30g coriander leaves

Deep-fried glutinous rice cake, yam and sweet potato by Chef Jeff Tan at Shang Palace


600g sugar

700ml water

100g pandan leaves

500g glutinous flour

100g wheat starch

100g corn flour

300g coconut cream

50g cooking oil

500g taro

500g sweet potato


Place all the sticky rice ingredients to a mixing bowl and mix well. Steam for four hours, keep cold overnight and cut into squares.

Slice into pieces the taro and sweet potato. Coat the sticky rice squares in flour.

Pour cooking oil into a wok — enough for deep fry — and heat. Slowly add the sticky rice, taro and sweet potato together and deep-fry around five minutes until golden brown.

Raw papaya salad by Chef Sonthaya Sinphooton at Cho Gao


1 lime, juiced

3 tbsp fish sauce

1 clove garlic

1 tbsp palm sugar

500g green papaya

150g tomatoes, cut into bite-size pieces

80g green beans, trimmed and cut into 1 1/2-inch pieces

50g peanuts, crushed

15g dried shrimp (optional)

7g coriander, leaves plucked

Thai bird chillies (to taste)


Put the fish sauce, lime juice, chillies, garlic and palm sugar in a blender or small food processor. Purée the mixture coarsely. You can also mince the chillies and grate the garlic and whisk the dressing together (a better option).

Peel the papaya and slice it in half. Use a spoon to scoop out the white seeds and pith from the centre.

Shred the papaya using a mandolin or a papaya shredder into a large bowl.

Pound the green beans and dried shrimp with a mallet to tenderise.

Mix all the dressing along with the shredded papaya, beans and dried shrimp.

Serve chilled and garnish with a sprig of coriander.

Grilled prawns with mixed fruit salad by Chef Sonthaya Sinphoothon at Cho Gao


2 pcs white grapes cut in half

2 pcs black grapes cut in half

4 pcs orange wedges, deskinned

25g mango dices

1 tsp corn oil

25g pineapple dices

50g dragon fruit dices

2 pcs kaffir lime leaves

4 pcs small shrimps

2 pcs cherry tomato halves

5g shredded Chinese cabbage

5g shredded carrots

2g endives


Wash, remove shells and devein the shrimp. Marinate with a paste of lemon grass, lime leaves, coriander, salt, pepper and oil. Keep aside in a bowl separately.

In a hot pan, add in a teaspoon of cooking oil and grill the shrimps until cooked. Ensure the shrimps are not over cooked.

Separately in a mixing bowl, dress all the fruits with a dressing made from lime juice, crushed garlic and fish sauce. Gently combine well with all the fruits.

In a hollow plate, place the fruits on the base. Assemble the shrimps on top and garnish with finely shredded juliennes of Chinese cabbage, carrots and endives.