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The real cost of maintaining a villa in Dubai

According to MoveSouq.com, an average three-bedroom home in Dubai will require annual maintenance costs of between Dh70,000 to Dh100,000 per year.
It can cost a family roughly 2 per cent of the value of their home to cover their home expenses annually. Graphic by Hussain Almoosawi
It can cost a family roughly 2 per cent of the value of their home to cover their home expenses annually. Graphic by Hussain Almoosawi

If you are ready to seal the deal on a Dubai villa, you’ll not only want to consider how much it costs to rent or buy such a home, but also how much it costs to run the property. Home maintenance costs are a substantial and recurring expense every year. From cleaning, AC servicing, plumbing, insurance, utilities and more, you need to make sure that you properly budget for these home services.

According to MoveSouq.com, the largest online marketplace for home services in the UAE, an average three-bedroom home in Dubai will require annual maintenance costs of between Dh70,000 to Dh100,000 per year. This is based on a home with an average rent of around Dh250,000 or with a value of between Dh3 million to Dh5m. This means it can cost a family roughly 2 per cent of the value of their home to cover their home expenses annually (excluding rent or mortgage expenses). Here, the team from MoveSouq.com, reveals how that breaks down:

Maintenance of your property

• Annual maintenance contract: Dh1,500 – Dh6,000 per year

Taking out an annual maintenance contract gives homeowners unlimited access to emergency services as well as plumbing and electrical works, AC cleaning and servicing, and windows and door inspection on a biannual basis. An annual maintenance contract will cost you from Dh1,500 to Dh6,000, depending on which amenities are included in the package.

• Water tank cleaning: Dh500 – Dh1,500 per year

Contaminated water can lead to health problems as water from these tanks is used for cooking, drinking, bathing and more. It is important to get your home’s water tank cleaned and maintained once a year. Charges are levied per unit, and generally range between Dh500 and Dh1,000 per unit.

• Pest control: Dh1,000 – Dh2,000 per year

The hot and humid weather means you may often find unwanted guests scurrying around. Based on the number of requests we receive, 70 per cent of all pest control complaints in Dubai revolve around ants, cockroaches and bedbugs in the home. You will likely need a pest control service twice a year to treat your garden for ants and other pests. A single treatment will set you back Dh500, and an annual pest control contract will cost between Dh1,500 – Dh2,000.

• Handymen services, repairs and replacements: Dh1,500 – Dh2,500 per year

Although it’s possible that your appliances and fittings may work smoothly (especially if they are newly fitted), it is always safe to put aside a small amount in case you hire maintenance services or have to purchase spare parts to replace worn out/damaged parts of existing appliances and fittings, such as ACs, doors, cabinets, refrigerators and washing machines. Although Dh2,500 is a safe amount to put aside, the actual amount you end up spending will depend on the models and makes of appliances and fittings used and the repair work needed.

• Home Cleaning: Dh20,000 — Dh40,000 per year

A regular part-time cleaning service for a family can set you back Dh30,000 annually on average. However, if you want a more thorough cleaning and sanitisation treatment done once a year, home sanitisation and deep cleaning will cost you approximately Dh2,000 - Dh3,000 depending on the size of your home. If you’re even more concerned about getting rid of dirt and allergens from difficult-to-clean places, such as crevices of upholstered furniture, carpets and even your mattress, you will shell out another Dh3,450 on average each year. Furthermore, if you want your cars to be cleaned and handed back to you in their original, gleaming glory, getting two cars washed on a weekly basis costs Dh2,000 per year on average.

• Gardening: Dh4,000 per year

If you’re yearning for a green haven in the middle of the desert, it will come at a cost. One-off charges for planting grass, trees and flowers, and setting up your irrigation system will cost approximately Dh5,000. Once that is in place, accommodate at least Dh3,000 – Dh4,000 in your budget for annual garden maintenance.

• Swimming pool maintenance: Dh4,000 per year

If you’re one of the lucky ones to enjoy the luxury of having a swimming pool in their backyard, expect to pay around Dh4,000 per year on cleaning, chemicals, pump maintenance, and backwashing.

• Utilities and housing fees: Dh20,000 – Dh30,000 per year

Whether you own or rent a home in Dubai, you can’t escape utility bills, since running water, electricity and a telephone connection are the basic necessities for every household. On average, you’ll pay around Dh30,000 annually to DEWA, which includes both housing fee and utilities. For telecom services, such as internet and TV, add Dh3,000 - Dh5,000 to your budget.

Home and car insurance:

• Property, home and contents Insurance: Dh1,500 – Dh3,500 per year

If you own your home, you should protect your property from potential damage as a result of accidents and natural disasters, such as fires, storms and floods. Property insurance will cost approximately Dh1,500 - Dh2,000 per year, assuming that the value of the standard three-bedroom villa is Dh3.5 million.

For tenants, home contents insurance provides coverage to all objects inside the home, such as jewellery, antiques and furniture, from potential damage due to theft, flooding and vandalism. Assuming that you insure goods worth Dh200,000, you will have to pay approximately Dh1,000 for home contents insurance on average per year.

• Car insurance: Dh1,500 - Dh4,000 per year

Whether you own a new car or a used car, you will be required to obtain car insurance to have it registered, which will cost you 2-4 per cent of the value of your car.


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