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Oscars 2012: celebrities react on Twitter

Plus: Academy not pleased with Oscar auction; Big B says The Artist is a delight; Shah Rukh Khan sad with demise of great plots; Lucy Lawless arrested in oil-ship protest; Bieber to sue game developers and Kurt Cobain bench on sale at eBay.

Rich Middlemas, left, TJ Martin, second from right, and Daniel Lindsay, right, pose with P Diddy with their Oscars for Undefeated. Joel Ryan / AP Photo
Rich Middlemas, left, TJ Martin, second from right, and Daniel Lindsay, right, pose with P Diddy with their Oscars for Undefeated. Joel Ryan / AP Photo

MTV News did a roundup of the Hollywood celebrities who took to Twitter to express their thoughts on Sunday's Oscars ceremony. Some highlights:

As the executive producer of the best documentary winner Undefeated, P Diddy tweeted: "God is the greatest!!!! Thank you!"

Congratulating the Best Supporting Actress winner Octavia Spencer, the Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson posted: "Yes!!!! Welcome to the family Octavia!! Congrats!!! Amazing!!"

The red carpet host Ryan Seacrest reacted to having Kim Jong-il's "ashes" spilt on him by Sacha Baron Cohen: "My mom always told me to pack two jackets for red carpets. Always wondered why. Now I know."

Seacrest's girlfriend, Julianne Hough, congratulated the Best Actress-winner Meryl Streep: "Meryl makes it possible to be the best at what you do yet still keep your values, family and friendships first. That's what makes Meryl, Meryl."

Kim Kardashian tweeted about the standout looks on the red carpet: "Wow Angelina went fun and sexy!!! LOVE. OMG Gwyneth Paltrow looks soooo chic! WOW. Wow JLo looks amazing!!! Emma Stone looks beautiful! The glam on the red carpet is heating up!"

Academy not pleased with Oscar auction

In other Oscar news, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is not pleased with plans to auction off 15 Oscar statuettes from such films as Citizen Kane, Wuthering Heights and Little Women.

But the academy says its hands are tied in blocking the Nate D Sanders Auctions because the statuettes were awarded before 1950, when a "winners agreement" was instituted banning the sale of Oscars.

"Oscars should be won, not purchased," the academy said in a statement, adding that it had no "legal means of stopping the commoditisation of these particular statuettes".

* AP

Big B: The Artist is a 'delight' and 'innovative'

The Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, who is recuperating at home after his surgery last week, blogged that he saw the Oscar-winning film The Artist, describing it as a "delight".

"It was a delight to see a black-and-white, silent movie in 2012!! In an age when colour and music and speech and sound play such an important role in cinema today, it was most innovative."

The 69-year-old was discharged from hospital last week, following a 12-day stay. He added he is enjoying his "no timetable" life. "Being by myself and almost in solitary confinement is getting contagious. I am beginning to rather like this state ... the liberty to do what I desire. I eat whenever, watch a movie whenever and happy doing so."

Shah Rukh Khan sad with demise of great plots

On Sunday, Bollywood's Shah Rukh Khan complained on Twitter about the "demise of great movie plot lines".

"Saddened at the demise of great movie plot lines. Whatever happened to car chases ... macho one liners and Sharon Stone crossing her legs," tweeted SRK, who starred in last year's action thrillers Ra.One and Don 2: The King is Back.

The 46-year-old actor is currently in London shooting his next project for Yash Raj Films, starring alongside Katrina Kaif.

Lucy Lawless arrested in oil-ship protest

Police have arrested the actress Lucy Lawless and five Greenpeace activists after the group spent four days protesting aboard an oil-drilling ship docked in New Zealand.

Police on Monday removed the group from their perch atop a 174-foot drilling tower on the Noble Discoverer in Port Taranaki. They climbed the tower on Friday in an attempt to raise awareness about oil drilling in the Arctic.

Lawless, 43, a New Zealander, is best known for her title role in the TV series Xena: Warrior Princess, and more recently for starring in the cable programme Spartacus.

* AP

Bieber to sue game developers over app

Justin Bieber plans to sue a company called RC3 for using his image for a mobile app called Joustin' Beaver, a cartoon game in which the player floats down a river, defending a beaver named Joustin' from the "phot-hogs", while getting him to sign "otter-graphs".

TMZ reported that Bieber's lawyers have issued a cease and desist letter to RC3, demanding it remove the app from iTunes, where it is sold for US$0.99 (Dh3.64). RC3 claims the game is a parody and therefore protected by the US First Amendment.

Bieber turns 18 on Thursday.

Kurt Cobain bench on sale at eBay

Supposedly genuine memorial benches built for the late rocker Kurt Cobain are being auctioned off on eBay. The two benches are claimed to be from Seattle's Viretta Park, located right next to Cobain's former residence where he committed suicide in 1994. The park's wooden benches are covered with graffiti messages to the rock musician.

"It's on the list of 14 most famous legendary musicians memorial, graves and statues in the world! Without a doubt the only thing on the list you will ever be able to add to your collection!" wrote the seller named dragonflyfighter. The starting price for the benches are set at US$1m (Dh3.67m), with no buyers or bids attached.