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Princess Bee song pays tribute to the Emirates

The Italian pop singer borrowed lyrics from a poem by Sheikh Zayed for a tune to be released in December.

Princess Bee first visited the UAE in 2002.
Princess Bee first visited the UAE in 2002.

She's not a real princess, nor indeed a real bee.

No, Princess Bee - or Benedetta Paravia, as she's known to her mum - is an Italian pop singer who's just wrote a song about the UAE.

Due for a December release, Emirates borrows Arabic and English lyrics from a poem, The Gentle Eastern Breeze, written by Sheikh Zayed, the founding President of the UAE.

"Emirates is my way of paying tribute to a country which I love dearly and have spent much time in," says Princess Bee, who first visited the UAE in 2002.

Previously, she found success based on her 2006 song Angels, which tells the story of the teenage Palestinian suicide bomber Ayat Al Akhras, and one of her victims, the 17-year-old Israeli Rachel Levy.

Such was the universal acclaim for the song's message of hope and peace that it received the patronage of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) and the Holy See of the Catholic Church, as well as bagging Princess Bee a nice medal from the president of Italy.

But before the release of Emirates, she's in the UAE promoting another of her compositions, called Loving Heart.

"This new single is emotional and romantic, totally different than my previous one," she explains. "Loving Heart describes the story of a beautiful teen confused by the choice between two guys: the rich and spoiled one, and a simple one she deeply loves."

Tune into MTV Arabia, Melody and other Middle Eastern music channels to hear which suitor this beautiful teenager opts for - will it be the haughty big shot or her downtrodden true love?

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