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Watch: First full trailer for Bollywood film 'Saaho' has dropped

The much-anticipated Indian action film stars Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor

The first full-length trailer for the anticipated Bollywood film Saaho has been released.

The Indian action film, which will be released in Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil, stars Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor.

The film's plot revolves around a major robbery in Mumbai, which must be solved by an undercover cop (Prabhas).

Many of the film's action sequences were filmed in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Saaho is the third most expensive Indian movie ever made with a total budget of around $46m (Dh169m).

The film’s Abu Dhabi stunts alone, which saw Hollywood stunt legend Kenny Bates come to town to oversee dramatic action sequences featuring a crew of around 250 people and almost 40 vehicles, are reported to have cost around 90 crore (Dh47.3m), more than any of the stunts in the big budget Baahubali movies.

“We ended up crashing, I think, 27 cars and five trucks,” the actor said in an interview back in May 2018. “Whatever cars we had, we crashed them. They’re burning, blasting, it was great fun.”

He also discussed how easy it was to film in the capital - after all, they spent 50 days in Abu Dhabi getting the shots.

“It’s so rare to be able to get bridges and infrastructure and city locations like that,” he says. “But here was great. The team at twofour54 were really helpful. They gave us all the best roads, the best buildings, closed the roads we needed, whatever we wanted. It was a really smooth process and it’s hard to get that with these kind of scenes.”

The film will be released in UAE cinemas on Thursday, August 15

Updated: August 11, 2019 03:43 PM