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Coke Studio 'Bel 3arabi' on MBC4

The live music fusion show unites artists from all over the globe and provides them the opportunity to perform and improvise together.

Sherine and Nelly who will join forces on the first episode of Coke Studio. Courtesy Coke Studio
Sherine and Nelly who will join forces on the first episode of Coke Studio. Courtesy Coke Studio

MBC4 has just announced that the second season of Coke Studio “Bel 3arabi” (in Arabic), will begin airing on the TV channel Thursday night.

A live music fusion show that unites artists from all over the globe by providing them the opportunity to perform and improvise together, Coke Studio’s first season quickly became a fan favourite for its unique platform of merging sounds from the East with the West.

Egyptian singer Sherine, who was recently a judge on the Arabic version of popular talent show The Voice, will sing alongside Grammy-award winning hip-hop singer Nelly (Hot in HereJust a Dream) in the first episode.
The Arabic version of Coke Studio does not veer greatly from the formula that has made the show an instant hit in Brazil, Pakistan and India. Each episode will delve into the lives of the artists and their particular genre of choice, while airing behind-the-scenes footage of them singing songs for the first time. We’re expecting to see some choice scenes of Nelly speaking in Arabic.

“We’re looking to widen the program’s footprint for the second season,” said Antoine Tayyar, public affairs and communication director for Coca-Cola Middle East, in a statement. “We want to raise the profile of Arabic music on the global stage and the level of cross cultural conversation further this year.”

Like last year, the series will run for eight, 45-minute episodes. The first season of Coke Studio brought together regional and international artists, forcing both to push their boundaries when it comes to making music. Lebanese popstar Nancy Ajram, currently a judge on Arab Idol, sang alongside Flamenco star Jose Galves in the first episode of the debut season. Other collaborations included Lebanese singer Yara with Sicillian tenor and opera singer Tino Favazza, Egyptian singer Mohamed Hamaki with hip-hop star Jay Sean and Egyptian singer Mohamed Mounir with reggae sensations The Wailers.

“Today, people in the region are more educated about fusion music, so the challenge of working with the most talented stars in the region and around the globe to bring out the best music of both worlds was very exciting,” said Hadi Sharara, music producer and arranger for the show.

Presenting the show will be Abdulfatah Grini, an up and coming singer from Egypt, together with Lebanese TV presenter Bruna Tohme.

Coke Studio “Bel 3arabi” will debut Thursday night on MBC4  at 9pm. Check out the show’s YouTube channel and Facebook page for clippings of past episodes. Visit http://www.cokestudiome.com

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