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Book review: The Einstein Pursuit a decent holiday read

Alpha-male, ex-military types Jonathan Payne and David Jones return for the eighth instalment of their fictional lives in Chris Kuzneski's The Einstein Pursuit.

The Einstein Pursuit

Chris Kuzneski


Expert in close-quarter combat? Check. Master of most weapons known to man? Check. Unfeasibly well connected? Check, and then some … meet Jonathon Payne. His sidekick, David Jones, is described as a killing machine who's scared of the dentist. A right pair.

Here, in the eighth instalment of their fictional lives, the rambunctious, alpha-male, ex-military types track down the evil mastermind behind a bomb attack on a laboratory that wipes out 20 of the world's leading scientists. While Interpol does it by the book, the Payne and Jones cavalry charges in, all guns blazing.

As long as you're prepared to suspend your credulity for a day or two, The Einstein Pursuit is a perfect holiday read. Join Payne and Jones as they tap into contacts at Interpol and the Pentagon, and hitch rides with former military commanders who 'owe me one' and you'll not look back. Cracking pace, smatterings of violence, a couple of not-quite-plausible lucky breaks and the baddies end up getting what they deserve, which, of course, is exactly what you'd expect from a pair such as this.

* Nigel Walsh