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Woman files case against 'cheating husband for showing pornography to their son'

The woman is filing for sole custody of their two children after a psychologist determined that her five-year-old son had been watching pornography

A woman who divorced her husband after she caught him having sex with another woman is now filing for sole custody of their son after a psychologist said the boy had been watching pornography.

The Jordanian woman, 30, said in records that, prior to travelling on July 10, 2015, she installed four cameras in her flat in Mirdif and left her son, who was four years old at the time, with his father.

The camera footage allegedly showed her Jordanian husband, 34, having sex with a Chinese woman in their living room.

The woman filed for divorce, which she was granted, but a few months later she noticed her son touching shop mannequins in inappropriate ways.

She said her son also began inappropriately touching her and his 18-month-old sister.

A psychologist deduced that the five-year-old boy had been watching pornography.

The woman reported her husband to police who refused to attend questioning at a police station.

He was referred to the public prosecution where he was questioned on a charge of having consensual sex out of wedlock, which he denied, saying that the Chinese woman was merely massaging his back.

“I ordered a masseuse because I suffered from back pains and she came on July 16, she massaged by back but I didn't have sex with her,” said the man in court records.

The woman’s lawyer, Awatif Mohammed from Al Rowad Advocates, provided Dubai Court of Misdemeanours with a medical report issued by a psychologist in a community health centre in Dubai confirming that the boy, born in January 2011, began visiting the clinic after developing violent and disturbing behaviour.

He had also been suffering from disturbed sleep and often molested his mother and baby sister, the lawyer said.

The report stated: “During extensive therapy sessions, it was revealed that the child had been watching pornography and tried to demonstrate what he had seen on his sister and his mother while she bathed him. The child is showing progress but we advise that he is not to be left in the care of his father.”

the report advised that all visits with the father be supervised.

The court, dismissed the video recording as it was not recorded legally but the man was convicted and fined him Dh5,000. He will also be deported.

The woman is also filing a civil case against the man and a case with the Personal Status Court, seeking compensation and requesting that the father be dismissed from being the guardian of their two children. Both cases are ongoing.

Updated: November 5, 2017 04:06 PM