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Rapist jailed by Dubai court for assault on teenager with learning problems

Unemployed man gets 10 years in prison

A man who raped a teenager with learning difficulties has been sentenced to 10 years in jail.

The Pakistani, 34, lured the young Indian man, 18, into his car in Dubai and sexually assaulted him.

Dubai Criminal Court found the suspect guilty on Sunday and handed down the jail term.

Earlier, the court was told the teen was walking home at about 9pm when the man stepped of his car. He encouraged him to get into his car before carrying out the attack.

The teenager later made his way home in Rashidiya in a state of distress and told his father what had happened.

A Dubai Police officer said they tracked down the suspect.

“We arrested the suspect two days later at his workplace in a courier company,” said the officer.

“He told his father that he refused to go with the man at first but then he was lured into the car."

A medical report detailed that, due to the teenager’s mental condition, he was not aware of his actions and their consequences.

Another medical report stated that DNA taken from his body matched that of the defendant and that there were signs of sexual activity, though not forced.

The defendant denied a rape charge but was found guilty.

The verdict remains subject to appeal within two weeks.

Updated: November 12, 2017 04:31 PM