Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 22 September 2018

Police storm Al Ain pharmacy warehouse and seize 13,000 pills being sold illegally

Lyrica – or pregbalin - is used to treat epilepsy and is the second most abused drug in the country

Police seized thirteen thousand pills from a pharmacy warehouse in Al Ain on Tuesday.

Four people of Arab and Asian origins were arrested for possessing and selling Lyrica, a controlled drug, without a prescription.

Lyrica – or pregbalin - is used to treat epilepsy and is the second most abused drug in the country.

Abu Dhabi’s anti-narcotic team raided the warehouse after being tipped-off that narcotics were being sold illegally there.

“The section investigated the case and validated the information which showed the involvement of four from Arab and Asian nationalities, one of them was the pharmacy owner,” Col Tahir Al Dhahiri, Head of the Directorate of Anti-Narcotics at Abu Dhabi police

The men were arrested at the warehouse where the pills were being stored.

Col Al Dhahiri urged the public to report any suspected medical malpractice such as in this case to the police.