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Man jailed for assaulting housewife

A man who assaulted a woman in her flat has been sentenced to a year in prison, followed by deportation.

DUBAI // A man who assaulted a housewife at her flat was sentenced this morning to one year in prison, to be followed by deportation.

The unemployed man from Pakistan failed to appear before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance to defend himself last February.

According to court records, KR, 28, entered the home of his Chinese victim on September 25 after ringing the doorbell.

The victim ZN, 29, told prosecutors that she had called the supermarket to send her some groceries. When the bell rang, she said, she thought it was the supermarket delivery man and opened the door.

According to ZN's testimony in court records, KR was holding a bag of fruits, so the victim thought her husband had bought the groceries and sent them with the man.

ZN said that she allowed the man into the flat, thinking her husband was a few steps behind him. She then went to her bedroom to change her clothes, according to her court testimony.

KR followed her to the room and pushed her to the wall, then ripped off her clothes and started abusing her sexually, records stated.

The victim told prosecutors that when she grabbed her mobile phone and tried to call her husband, KR pulled her by the hair and threw her face down to the ground, then sat on her back.

She said he sexually assaulted her with his hands before the doorbell rang again and he became tense, records said.

The building security guard, SM, pushed the flat door open and went to the bedroom after he heard screaming, records said, adding that he opened the bedroom door and saw the woman rushing to the door to get away from KR.

SM told prosecutors that he tried to control the defendant, but he got away. He added that he went to the flat because the victim's husband had called him and told him to check on his wife.