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Friday sermon: what to expect on the Day of Judgment

Worshippers will be told how they will confess their deeds before Allah on Judgment Day

Allah has promised those who are steadfast in their faith a place in Paradise, the sermon will tell worshippers on Friday.

People who have “fulfilled their obligations, performed deeds of righteousness and were good to [other] people” will, at the end of their life, be visited by Angels who will bring them good tidings and make them feel at ease, rather than afraid of death.

Good Muslims will not be sad or worried for what remains on Earth, knowing Allah will take care of their families. Instead, on Judgment Day, Angels will accompany them to Paradise, as they accompanied them on Earth, tracking their deeds and helping them live a good life.

On Judgment Day, Angels will meet and greet true believers with joy and happiness and walk with them in a procession of honour before standing before Allah.

“On the Day, We will gather the righteous to the Most Merciful [Allah] as a delegation.” (Quran 19: 85)

Everyone will gather to have their deeds — good and bad — judged and must confess before Allah, who will decide whether to forgive their sins.

Of Judgment Day, Prophet Mohammed is believed to have said: “Indeed Allah shall bring a believer unto Him and shelter him with His Screen and ask him: ‘Did you commit such-and-such sins?’ He will say ‘Yes, my Lord.’ Allah will keep on asking him until he will confess all his sins and will think that he is ruined. Allah will say: ‘I shielded your sins in the world and I forgive them for you on this Day’, and then he will be given the book of his good deeds.”

In this case, true believers will rejoice and enter Paradise, where they will never feel sad again.

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