x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Fatal hit-and-run arrest

An Iranian woman from Ajman has been arrested, a month and a half after a fatal hit and run on Tariq Bin Ziad road.

DUBAI // A 32-year-old Iranian woman has been arrested by police after her speeding 4x4 crashed into a German tourist who was crossing the road, sending him flying metres away and left him dead. The incident, which occurred on Nov 18, launched a police investigation and led to the arrest of the woman, BA, in her family home in Ajman. Police said eyewitnesses saw a silver 4x4 speeding uncontrollably before it hit the 40 year old tourist. "Eyewitnesses said the car was silver and that it was a four wheel drive but couldn't catch the make or the number plate because the distance was too far," said a CID spokesman.

The woman fled the scene of the accident with her two passengers, a man and woman identified as MH and MA which have also been arrested by police under charges of assisting an offender by covering up the incident. The speeding vehicle hit the man who was crossing Tariq Bin Ziad road towards Al Maktoum bridge at 1am. "It sent him flying many metres away," the spokesman said. "He died on the way to Rashid hospital, after nearly all the bones of his body were broken." The vague information sent police on a wide-hunt for the reckless killer driver. "The eyewitnesses said the car could have been a Honda or Hyundai but they weren't sure." The hunt took officers to Ajman where a car with matching descriptions was spotted parked in front of a house in Al Nuaimiya area. The silver Hyundai had accident marks on the front bumper and a broken windshield. After questioning the owner of the car told police it was his daughter who has been driving the vehicle. "She confessed to the incident and so did the two passengers. She has been charged with a hit and run which led to death and failing to report to police," said the spokesman. rbaker@thenational.ae