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Dubai student killed in Bangalore car smash

A 20-year-old man who had recently completed Grade 12 was killed in India when the taxi in which he was travelling collided with a motorbike.

An Indian student from Dubai has died in a road crash in Bangalore.

Ishaq Ibrahim Sharief, 20, was in a taxi when it collided with a motorbike and spun out of control.

Seven others were injured in the smash, including three children. One of the youngsters remained in a coma last night.

The student, who had recently completed Grade 12 in Dubai, was returning from a wedding with his family when the accident happened on Sunday night.

Ishaq was visiting India during a break from school.

"He was sitting ahead and was travelling with a lady and three children in the car," said Hitendra, a sub inspector with the Bangalore city traffic police. "The car driver was in a hurry and was driving at a very high speed.

"At a junction, he hit a motorbike, lost control and hit an iron pole on the roadside."

Ishaq's sister, her three children, the motorcyclist, a passenger on the bike and the taxi driver were all injured.

One of the children and the motorcyclist were still in a coma last night, while the driver was also in critical condition.

The driver has been charged with negligence, rash driving and causing death.

"The driver was in a hurry to pick up another passenger from the airport," said Mr Hitendra.

Police said Ishaq broke some of his ribs in the smash, and one of them punctured his lungs. He was not wearing a seat belt.

"He died before reaching the hospital, which was only 200-300 metres away," said Mr Hitendra. "If he had worn the belt, the impact would not have been that bad. In fact, there were no injuries to his head."

Ishaq's family said his parents, based in Saudi Arabia, were only told about the accident yesterday.

"We informed them only when they arrived in Bangalore," said Imran Khan, Ishaq's cousin. "We told them he had met with an accident and was critical. We did not let them know until they arrived. It is a very big shock."

Ishaq lived in Dubai with his brother and planned to pursue a degree in engineering. Mr Khan did not know where Ishaq went to school in the emirate or whether he planned to pursue higher education in the UAE or in Bangalore.