x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Suspended jail term for UAE public prosecution staff who embezzled Dh48,000

Public Prosecution employee who embezzled Dh48,000 is sentenced to a year in prison.

DUBAI // A Public Prosecution employee who embezzled Dh48,000 has been sentenced to a suspended prison term of one year.

The Criminal Court suspended the term handed to MB, 38, from Iran, for three years.

Earlier it heard that he took the money from a Syrian man who was fined for bouncing a cheque.

The Syrian handed him the money believing he was paying the fine, but the prosecution employee kept the money and used it to "solve a family problem", the court heard.

When the Syrian realised his fine had not been paid he complained. The prosecution employee was interrogated and confessed to taking the money.

He repaid the sum but was referred to court on a charge of embezzlement.